What is BREW-Women?

Business Rankers Erudite Women Wing is the brain behind the Business Rankers Magazine. But BREWW is not confined to setting the content priorities for the Magazine. Its ambit is much wider and deeper. The platform delves deep into the vexing issues related to role of women in various sectors of industry and provides multiple options for solutions.

Who are the people behind BREW-Women?

BREWW is an open platform and taps into the insights of the experts, intellectuals, policymakers and consumers in almost every sector of the industry with special focus on women. BREWW is owned collectively by the distinguished individuals who constitute its core team, advisors, and mentors.

What are the objectives of BREW-Women?

BREWW plays multiple roles for several sectors of the economy. In the fast-paced world, there is less room for trial and error module. Nothing is as important as hitting the market as early as possible to take first-mover advantage. For manufacturing, BREWW brings together the leading lights in the sector to offer efficient solutions in supply chain management, use of the right technology etc. For the services industry, it advises on use of social and traditional media, other brand activation programmes, so on and so forth.

What are the activities BREW-Women does?

BREWW organizes workshops, seminars and conducts roundtable debates, and uses several other forums depending on the needs of the time. BREWW doesn’t kill the thinking side of the entrepreneur’s mind. It just tries to help open up the gates to the imagination. It’s not a training platform but helps one figure out her vision.

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